We raise Tibetan Yaks here on the farm, currently there are 22 yaks in the herd. Nick owns 11 yaks, and Tyler and LIz Boggs of Heart 2 Heart Farms owns the other 11. 

We have had yaks on the farm since March of 2014, Nick bought 2 yearling bulls and 2 pregnant cows from Pine Mountain Ranch. The cows gave birth, the first heifer calf born here was in July of 2014, the next was a bull calf born in August of 2014. One of our bulls was sold as breeding stock to a nearby yak herd, the other has been butchered and we are currently selling his meat. Now we have the original 2 cows, the yearling heifer calf, the yearling bull, and another cow. 
Tyler's first brought 2 cows and 2 bulls early in 2015. The bulls have since been butchered, and the cows are part of the herd still here in Kings Valley. Tyler brought 2 Royal cows and 1 bull to the farm in the summer of 2015. 

Imperials are full black and Trims have small white patches on either the forehead, the feet, or the tail. 

The goal for the herd is to tame them so that the cows can be milked and all of the animals can be brushed for fiber without too much stress. Tyler and Nick are breeding for color traits right now, we would like to have a primarily Royal herd. Currently, most of the cows are willing to take treats out of hand from Nick. But most of the yaks are pretty flighty. 

If you are interested in meat or breeding stock, please contact Nick Hazelton via text, phone, or email. Nick's cell is (541) 609-1411 and his email is nickhaze.hazelton@gmail.com.